Glass Blocks

Since 1989 Euroglass has been involved in construction using Glass Blocks, offering a full service from planning through to installation. Euroglass supply the Glass Blocks as well as construction materials and frames for "Do-It-Yourself" systems.

- by using Glass Blocks as an external window instead of standard glass, heat loss can be reduced by up to 52%.
Privacy - Glass Blocks are available in a range of patterns. The privacy offered by the blocks varies from completely clear to completely obscure and includes a coloured range.
Noise - Excellent acoustic insulation properties are offered by glass blocks making them ideal as office partitions, or for use as windows in homes that are sited within close proximity or with road noise.
Durability - There is very little maintenance required for glass block walls other than to give them a wipe down every so often. But because there are two skins of patterned glass, the glass blocks do not often show signs of needing to be cleaned. Glass Blocks have been in constant use since early 1900 - they are a timeless product that can be used in any type of architecture.
Strength - The skins of glass blocks are very thick when compared to normal glass and glass block walls are constructed with metal reinforcing between them. Often glass blocks are used as security windows.

A selection of the Italian designed range can be viewed here.

Some examples of the many options where Glass Blocks can be used to best advantage are:

Exterior Walls
With more high density housing we find ourselves living closer to our neighbours. To enable maximum natural light without compromising privacy, a window or wall of glass blocks will allow light flow without being able to see what is outside or vice versa. Additionally, the home will be warmer due to the excellent thermal insulation properties.
Stairwells are often dark, small spaces and Glass Blocks can offer a great way to open up the area. Their strength and security provides peace of mind because children and elderly can use the stairway without any chance of breaking through such a large glass area.

The thermal insulation properties of Glass Blocks provide an added bonus of a warmer bathroom. They can feature as a partition wall or as a splashback to a vanity.
Interior Walls
Dark passages and rooms are a thing of the past. By using glass blocks as an internal wall, you can take light from a sunny north facing room and direct it into other areas that would normally not receive much natural light.
Curved Walls
An opportunity to create a feature wall or to enclose a wet area.
curved partition wall

Ideal for light flow into basement areas, e.g. a wine cellar. The glass blocks provide a design statement, high levels of strength and depending upon the choice of opacity, allow a glimpse into what lies below.
Other uses
■ Glass Blocks can look spectacular in a pool environment. They may be used to provide privacy in areas such as a sauna or spa enclosure where they can insulate against heat loss.
■ Often our most expensive possessions are kept in the garage - keep them safe with reinforced windows of glass blocks.

Technical information
To view specification and installation detail, please click here for a selection of different file format options to download.